Meet The Top ACP Providers

Sarver Teams Staff

We are passionate about our position in the industry as the top ACP Internet Providers in the industry.  We give a “helping hand up not a hand out” and as such, we consider our office staff and field reps like family at Sarver Teams. The entire family of Sarver Teams executive staff and field reps are very passionate and committed to helping others. Sarver Teams takes pride in providing excellent ACP providers service to our business clients, and quality attention to our highly appreciated customers.

David Sarver

Founder, Media and Director of Strategic Relationships

David is the premier Master Agent/Sub-Contractor of Lifeline, ACP providers in Southern California. In the eight years, he has operated Sarver Corporation, he has seen Sarver Corporation revenue grow from under $41,000 monthly in May 2018 to over $73,000 per month (September 2018) to over $300,000 per month starting July 2022 with reasonable goals of plus $400,000 total revenue or more per month set to hit by the late fall 2022.

David has the skill set to recruit outstanding agents, build productive leadership teams, train the agents properly according to our proprietary training and tracking system, and find additional winning players to help Sarver Corporation lead the Lifeline industry. These systems ensure that our agents continue with our team over a longer period and are successful in their quest to earn a living. Many of our agents are earning at or above six figures.  He has lead the transition as Sarver Teams has now entered the ACP Internet Providers space.

Dr. Jon Sarver

Founder and Chief Operation Officer

Dr. Jon is Sarver, is a highly successful entrepreneur with over 42 years of experience of leadership ranging from nonprofits to internet-based businesses, with many having faith-based overtones and has thoroughly embraced the ACP Internet Providers vertical by providing much accelerated corporate facilitation training and leadership.

For many years David had an up-close seat to his dad’s coaching clients, as Jon at the time was honored as the top business coach in Business Breakthroughs International, a Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes company, which is now the Maxwell Leadership Team. David began to understand from afar his dad’s business philosophy and methods. This is what eventually led them to join as a team several years ago once the size and scope of the business demanded a duo oversight strategy as they advance Sarver Teams in the ACP providers space.

Jon has the unique ability to claim successful businesses in small rural towns and large cities alike. He has a track record of laying the groundwork for growth and vitality as several of his businesses have lasted far beyond the average and many exist today, decades after they were founded. Jon’s primary goal back then as it is now, was to build duplicable businesses through leadership, systems, and accountable tied around vibrant branding. That remains true today and forms the foundation of the continued development of the Sarver Teams corporate strategy.

Jon has also enjoyed a fundamental role in developing leadership, education, and cutting-edge mentoring in several higher education institutions. In fact, in several cases, he was called in to develop a program that was relevant to the “real” needs of the “learning” leader. All these programs have become known for their practical application to theory which form the core of the courage direction for Sarver Teams today.

Jon’s role was to hold each leader’s feet to the fire to produce results in nonprofit and for-profit environments, primarily using John Maxwell Leadership resources.

Jon has leveraged this skill in leadership development by conducting leadership training classes and overseeing several masterminds “think tank” groups developed specifically to enable his clients to get to the next level, which he currently facilitates with Sarver Teams sales representatives daily during the week. This in part,  is the reason Sarver Teams revenue has exploded as solid leaders have been developed and duplicated and those are developing even more leaders in their various states.

Jon has been teaching and coaching the “Spirit” of the twelve core business strategies 28 years in the church, parachurch, and business communities. Currently Jon and David share a joint coaching role with Maxwell Leadership incorporating those twelve business strategies directly into Sarver Teams on a weekly basis in company and leadership meetings.

Jon’s role with Sarver Teams is to provide the same over site in leadership, systems, and accountability in sales performance for Sarver Teams executive leadership and sales staff.

Steve Jones

VP Sales and Expansion

Steve Jones brings extensive Lifeline sales and distribution experience to Sarver Teams which is a key to their current ACP internet providers expansion. Starting with Tag Mobile in 2013, Steve began his career in recruiting agents. Later in 2013 he was the first Subcontractor for Unlimited Prepaid Wireless to distribute SafeLink via Street Teams.

By 2015 Steve was with Telescape Wireless and was the exclusive Master Agent partner for Telescape Wireless to distribute live handsets to customers in California. By 2016- 2017 he launched Rush Star Wireless and became a new SafeLink Master Agent’s Street Team’s leader in California and was their first subcontractor working in California.

By 2017-2019 with SafeLink Wireless, he created and built Ren Wireless, new SafeLink Master Agency. Later in 2019 he moved to DNAA Corporation. He launched, built, and managed all aspects and verticals of the company. He became the top three Master Agent in sales within six months.
Steve’s extensive experience will aid Sarver Teams significantly as we secure the top tier spot in the ACP providers arena.

Ramon Rodriguez

Inventory Manager

Ramon Rodriguez Jr. is the Inventory Manager for Sarver Corporation. He began his journey with Sarver Corporation in November 2021. He was tasked with integrating the inventory with Sarver Corporations online tracking system. Collaborating with our developers to provide our agents with a system they could rely on. Working towards minimizing losses, Ramon has been able to reduce waste by over $100,000 a year.

His experience stems from his time in the U.S. Air Force working on multi-million-dollar fighter aircraft in various military campaigns. Ramon’s attention to detail and accurate accounting of operations was imperative to ensure the safety of air crew and that attention to detail has plated dividends during his tenure in Sarver Corporation. Under the directions from management, he has implemented a system that significantly increases an agent’s efficiency. His systems provide sales numbers and up-to-date stock numbers and inventory management. The tools Sarver Corporation provides our agents gives them the capacity to grow.

Ramon is excited to be a part of a growing company that reinvests so much back to the community. He looks forward to improving the accountability system which provides agents with the best opportunity to grow themselves along with our innovative leadership team.

Michael Jimenez

Kentucky Regional Manager

Michael Jimenez has been working with Sarver Teams for five years as an agent and now manages the Kentucky region and is excited to build the Sarver Teams ACP Internet Providers platform in Kentucky and surrounding states. Previously he worked at Bank of America for two years and found it a great place to work, but he’s seen the opportunity with Sarver Teams expansion and hasn’t looked back. Sarver Teams corporate facilitation training has shown him many ways to up his leadership and allowed him to push himself to be a better person.

The skill set gleaned from his California tenure and applied then to his position in Kentucky which demands an even higher leadership ability.

Michael looks forward to working many years with Sarver Teams and helping the people in need all around the United States. Michael believes there is no better way to do this than by connecting people with the communication they need to change their lives.