Be a Top Sales Agent Now!

Are you interested in growing yourself personally while making the highest compensation in in the commissioned based jobs space?

Look no further the Sarver Teams where our motto, “Give a helping hand up not a handout,” is played out every day in communities across the United States as we endeavor to give out best in class devices to our customers in all fifty States as well Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. Top that off with great customer and a world class back in business support system and you have a great sales agent team that can work with you to get and stay on top.

Top Sales Agent
commissioned based jobs

Best in CLASS Commissioned Based Jobs

Sarver Teams has the most competitive ACP Internet Providers compensation to help you get and stay at the top. With best in class inventory and a cutting-edge inventory management system you can be all about delivering the ACP providers program to your customers knowing you have the proper tools to manage your business well.

Lead YOURSELF and Lead YOUR team

With our commitment to “Modeling the Masters” and a daily commitment to providing you the best sales agent acquisition and personal development coaching and commissioned based jobs skills training you will soar to the top. Receive weekly mentoring and training though our collaborative relationship with the internationally recognized John Maxwell Leadership Team, you are sure to rise above the pack.

“BUILD a GREAT Sales Agent Team and BUILD it Fast”

Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership so be a Leadership Expert

The law of the weakest link says you are only as good as your weakest sales person, so make sure all of your commissioned based jobs players are the very best in the industry. Take advantage of our DISC profiling which puts you in the drivers seat as you pick a sales agent that is uniquely equipped to excel in the ACP  field.

Commissioned Based Team
Commissioned Based Jobs Team

Join the top Commissioned Based Jobs Team in the country

Join the top sales agent recruiting team in the country and get paid quickly each week. There really is no competition. Sarver Team is proudly the top ACP Program in the country. Let us prove it to you through our coaching, field training and back end systems and support.

Sarver Sales Agent

As a Sarver Teams field representative, you will get the opportunity to learn from the pioneers in Life and the ACP Program. You will get a fast start and incorporate the proven best practices of our top reps right into your business. With our world class tracking-system you will be able to account for and track your inventory and be worry free from the field rep’s greatest fear and that is losing inventory and get unnecessary corporate charge backs.
At Sarver Teams, we lead with “caring for people” and it is explained in our “Mission Statement” which forms the very core of who we are as a ACP benefit program.


Join the top ACP program in the country today and get started now and get on your way to the career you have always dreamed of.

Sarver Leadership

To be effective and industry changing you must be intentional. To be intentional you have to develop a road map that you follow always. Sarver Teams under the leadership of Founders David Sarver and his father, Dr. Jon Sarver, who, as Executive Business Consultant (40 years) Jon has developed a personal development and business development game plan by leveraging the collaborative relationship that David and Jon have with the John Maxwell Leadership Team.

Sarver Leadership

“Everything RISES and FALLS with leadership”

Dr. Jon Sarver is a founding member of the Maxwell Leadership team and his son and Saver Teams Founder David Sarver joined him as a Maxwell Team member 10 years later. They utilize Maxwell’s leadership books and corporate facilitator program material as the base for the development of their ACP Internet Providers “Franchise Strategy” in the United States.

Putting People first in every way is what we stand for!

The process is relatively simple and straight forward in the ACP Providers industry. State what you are going to do, and do it systematically and purposefully always. Our values demonstrate our commitment to our employees and the ACP Internet Providers end-user as we are committed to providing a much better than industry standard end user device.

Our corporate training consists of targeted corporate facilitation material that covers each of our core values over a period of 1 year. Thus, we are constantly reinforcing our values inward and living them outward on a daily basis in the field.  It’s what makes us successful.

Sales Agent

Our Core values

WE care for everyone!

Our clientele comes to us because they are looking for a free tablet Program delivered from people who connect genuinely with others. Sarver Corp is known for taking care of its employees and delivering quality devices to the customer.

WE have a positive attitude!

Our clientele comes to us because they are looking for commissioned based jobs that delivers quality devices and even better than industry standard and service. Sarver Teams is known for a “can do” attitude and delivery of best in industry devices from the sales agent to the customer.

WE grow ourselves & others daily!

If you are not learning, you are not leading. We constantly coach our executive staff and field reps to dig deeper and as we say, model the masters. That means we share best practices and openly seek to improve ourselves and others.

WE lead others by example! when distributing free government cell phones!

We brand our employees with Saver Teams swag to send an industry message that we care to look and act professional and convey the Sarver Teams advantage.

WE live intentionally!

This is no ordinary commissioned based jobs company. Our staff and field reps our encouraged to remember as they hand out free government cell phones that there is a purpose for why they do what they do. We look for team members that want to give a helping hand up not a hand out.

WE exceed expectations!

Customer service is really our only service. Our field reps are constantly taught to seek the best remedies for our customers.

WE equip other people!

We lift you up so you can lift up others!

WE are good to others always!

We put others before us.  With the Best tablets in the country you can be certain the end user is getting a best in industry device.

WE are a catalyst for transformation

Our in house Maxwell Leadership training is all about making you a better leader so you can higher better people with the goal of leading the pack as the best in industry tablet device.

WE allow room for faith!

We don’t run from faith we embrace “a personal relationship” in the one true God of the Bible.

Our Core values