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Join the Top ACP Provider Business
Opportunity in The Industry

Looking for a franchise opportunity that will change your life and the lives of your team members? This
is the career-changing opportunity you have always been looking for. Join the Sarver Teams movement
and take your company to the top in a hurry by joining the preeminent ACP Provider in the country.
With Nationwide distribution to all 50 states plus Puerto Rico, the time is now, and the opportunity is wide
open. All it takes is for you to decide might this franchise opportunity is right for me?


Decide that you want a better business opportunity for yourself and your field reps.

Decide that you want to give even better tablet devices to your customers with industry-leading warranties and customer care. We are not afraid to say that our devices are the best in the industry because we are committed to helping those in need.

We don’t just say we offer top compensation, weekly pay, and back-end corporate support we do.

All of this matters for you to get to and stay at the top and are not mutually exclusive, though our competition which consistently fails, would like you to believe that. Additionally, with the highest quality tablets in the country offering a one-year warranty and unrivaled performance, you have found your partner in the ACP benefit program space.



We provide industry-leading top compensation with weekly pay

This means your field reps get paid well and often. With unlimited inventory supply because of Sarver Teams direct partnership with tablet manufacturers gives us an advantage to much of the competition as we can get more high-end quality tablets to you quickly so you can maintain momentum and serve the communities around you. With the highest amount of memory, fastest speeds, and quality constructed tablets, you can forget about angry customers returning after just one week of poor service and a broken tablet.

You want to get your agents onboarded quickly and approved as an agent now!

You have the momentum and want to keep it, and Sarver Teams is committed to helping you do that. We have real-time sales and inventory tracking and management systems so you can soar to the top quickly. Most of our agents receive their log-ins in 5 days or less, which means you have a much faster ramp-up time, and you can partner with people to make a difference in their community. Hurry now and join our growing team of Master agents and take advantage of this great business opportunity now! All we need to complete this great team is you!