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Investing in the growth of your ACP Program business?  The strength of your street team, or your personal development is the key to long-term success of your ACP benefits team. At Sarver Teams, we are heavily invested in growing you as a leader so you can effectively grow and manage your team through personal mentoring and a one of a kind corporate facilitation program through the John Maxwell Leadership team. This sets Sarver Teams apart from all others in the ACP program industry.

David Sarver &

Dr. Jon Sarver

Founder David Sarver and his father, Founder Dr. Jon Sarver, have teamed with John Maxwell to deliver an industry-leading array of skills coaching and training that will help you get to the top and stay there!

With resources ranging from the Maxwell Method of Speaking, designed to help you communicate even more effectively to your community and team, to personal business coaching by long-time business coach and consultant Jon Sarver, there are resources ready for you to take and master. All you have to do is decide to get to the top and tap into our proven system to help you get there and stay there.

People Do What People See

As an ACP  program provider, you want to find people who can sell and lead themselves and others. Sarver Teams provides extensive training in selling and leadership through a set of professional skills training that includes workshops, seminars, keynote presentations, and weekly courses for managers, entrepreneurs, executives, and individuals who want to advance their careers in the ACP benefits program space.

The Rising Tide Raises all Ships

Having trouble finding the right people and keeping them for the long term? Everyone does, but the key is to limit how many people you hire that are not a fit. This can be done through interviewing correctly, which is a major part of the Sarver Corp way to grow your business.  We personally coach and mentor you to ACP program success.

Find Out if You Have What it Takes to be a Next Level Leader

The other component to the development of your business is the Maxwell Leadership Assessment. The Maxwell Leadership Assessment is an online tool that offers a 360-degree in-depth view of an individual’s influence based on Maxwell’s Five Levels of Leadership methodology. Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less. To grow in leadership, one must grow in influence. This tool is designed to assess the individual leader according to 64 important factors, along with a self-assessment and anonymous feedback from supervisors, colleagues, direct reports, and others.

Lead Your Own ACP Program and Lead the Industry

Through this comprehensive 360-degree assessment, leaders accurately identify both their areas of strength and their growth opportunities. This self-knowledge and team knowledge results in better teamwork, increased confidence and more targeted leadership development which comes in handy when developing your ACP Benefits Program business and your street business.

Everything Rises and Falls With Leadership and So Does Your Business

Using John Maxwell’s proven professional growth and development systems, Sarver Teams can help you maximize your business and make explosive profits. You will also Improve your professional skills so you can reach your career goals and dominate the Lifeline phone program; lead a successful ACP program business that generates the income you desire.  Learn to become a better speaker who communicates with confidence to their employees, communities and key leaders; experience the reward of duplicating yourself in other and coaching others to success; and more which is all part of the Sarver Teams unique corporate facilitation strategy.