Giving Back Through Hopeline

We Treat Other People Right Through Community Outreach

A core value of Sarver Teams and a prominently displayed purpose is, “we treat other people right.”  Sarver Teams is committed to giving a hand up and not a hand out by meeting the needs of the hurting through community outreach.

WE care for everyone and that includes those who have been hurt through natural disasters.  We give back and
it makes us unique in the ACP industry.

Sarver Teams is committed to helping communities in need and showing we care beyond setting up tents and handing out phones, tablets and Hot Spots.

Whether it’s homeless or community minded events in the Southern California area or responding to the Andover, Kansas 2022 tornado disaster with food and clothing or even mobilizing in Kentucky in early July 2022 to help flood victims, Sarver Corp is there to lend a hand to those hurting by giving back through community outreach.

Giving back to the communities that we serve is what we are all about and it drives us daily as we seek to give and hand up not a handout. We don’t do it to impress someone reading a business plan.

Jon Sarver has been leading community outreach trips to the underserved in many countries for 35 years, so it’s part of our DNA.

Believe in Giving Back

The community outreach response and giving back initiative is very important to owners David and Jon Sarver. David grew up watching his dad travel all over the world to give back. So, it was natural that HopeLine was established in 2022 to help advance the hand up not a hand out mantra that is a part of our company nationwide and positions us as a leader in the ACP community